Augustus Goertz     

Scott Goodwillie                  
John Grande 

Gregory de la Haba

Julie Harrison 

Ti Shan Hsu     

Bryan Hunt                          
Deana Lawson            
Sam Jackson

Simen Johan

Mark Kostabi   

Nicola L  

Paul Laffoley 

Sandra Lerner

Robert Longo   

D. Dominick Lombardi        Stephen Maine

Carlo Mariani

Claire McConaughy 

Patrick McMullan 

Frodo Mikkelsen   

Mike Miller
 Judith Modrak

Bobbie Moline-Kramer       Kaoruko Nakano



Below is a list of artists that curcioprojects has promoted, exhibited, written about or have participated in various projects.

Kim 25

Christophe Avella-Bagur 

O'Delle Abney   

Claudine Anrather 

Donald Baechler        Sharon Bartel-Clements 

Noah Becker 

Paul Brainard                       Richard Butler  
Mike Bidlow                          David Carbone 

Shanthi Chadrasekar

Saint Clair Cemin

Bill Claps 

Mike Cockrill         ​
Angel de la Cruz                  Peggy Cyphers
Jay Davis                               Steve Driscoll

Amie Esslinger

Lin Evola     

Karen Fitzgerald 

Danielle Frankenthal
Edward M Giordano           
Chambliss Giobbi 

Esther Naor   

Odd Nerdrum                      Michael Netter 
Catya Plate                            Mark Pomilo

Joyce Pommer

Rick Prol
Paul Henry Ramirez

Jody Rasch

Les Rogers                        
Walter Robinson 

Terry Rodgers                 Lenora Rosenfield

Michael Reeder

Sajal Sarkar

Gae Savannah 

Gerald Slota

Lynn Stern

Andre Stitt        
Robert Solomon                 
Ginna Triplett          
Martin Weinstein              
Ben Woolfitt                        
Balint Zsako 

Robert Curcio of curcioprojects has been involved in the international contemporary art world since the early 1990’s. He formed curcioprojects in 2001 as an umbrella organization for his various art projects, including: curation, exhibition and event management, artist management, pr/media, writing, art fair consulting, gallery development, and advising collectors.

Curcio's most recent interview is on Art Review City,  others include Art Book Guy and Chelsea Now. 

Curcio was a co-founder and co-producer of the Scope Art Shows and has consulted with the art fairs Asia Contemporary Art Show, CONTEXT, and Pinta Art Fair to name a few. He has curated and/or managed over 20 exhibitions including Mortality: A Survey of Contemporary Death Art with Donald Kuspit, Go Figure, HEAD, The Great Nude Invitational, PRESENCE, Walk-ins Welcome, Corporeal Identities, Media Life, and Women Depict Men.  Curcio has written for Arte Fuse, Artvoices, ARTnews, Cover, dART International, Sculpture, Tema Celeste, WhiteHot Magazine, and Zing magazines.

Before starting curcioprojects there was Curcio Spector Gallery, director and curator of Ward-Nasse Gallery an artist-run space, and Vice President of NURTUREart’s board all in New York City.  And before all this, Curcio was an exhibiting artist who graduated from Tyler School of Art.